MAKE UP FOR EVER ARTIST FACE COLOR REFILL HIGHLIGHT, SCULPT AND BLUSH POWDER – pudros veidui, modeliavimui, skaistalams, susikurkite savo paletę, pasirinkimas iš 33 spalvų, 5g


Gamintojas: MAKE UP FOR EVER

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Susikurkite savo paletę iš 1, 2, 3 spalvų. Dėžutes galite įsigyti čia:  

1 vietos dėžutė – https://kosmetika.profesionali.lt/kosmetika/make-up-for-ever-empty-mono-palette-refillable-makeup-system-1-vietos-tuscia-magnetine-dezute-naujoms-pudroms.html
2 vietų dėžutė – https://kosmetika.profesionali.lt/kosmetika/make-up-for-ever-empty-duo-palette-refillable-makeup-system-2-vietu-tuscia-magnetine-dezute-naujoms-pudroms.html
3 vietų dėžutė – https://kosmetika.profesionali.lt/kosmetika/make-up-for-ever-empty-trio-palette-refillable-makeup-system-3-vietu-tuscia-magnetine-dezute-naujoms-pudroms.html

Šios veido pudros yra 3 rūšių – šviesios ir tamsios modeliavimui ir rausvos – skaistalai.

Susidėliokite savo paletę!

Spalva su raide B – skaistalai.
Spalva su raide H – šviesi modeliavimo pudra.
Spalva su raide S – tamsi modeliavimo pudra.


Customize your palette with this refillable range of pressed face powders.

Reveal your inner artist and create endless looks with ARTIST FACE COLOR!

Step 1 – choose your palette: mono, duo or trio.
Step 2 – choose your shades: mix & match your favorites from the highlight, sculpt, & blush ranges.


  • ARTIST FACE COLOR’s unique formula features atomized pigments providing intense color payoff that blend and diffuse for a natural result.
  • The super-fine powder melts into skin while also seamlessly layering for a natural, long lasting finish.
  • Available in matte, shimmer and pearl finishes across 34 highlight, sculpt, and blush shades, ARTIST FACE COLOR provides endless ways to enhance and define your features for your desired result.



    Get the full 3-step pro application to Highlight, Sculpt, & Blush:

    • Begin by adding touches of volume-enhancing light to your face, such as your upper cheekbones and bridge of your nose with Brush #104.
    • Then, apply the most natural shades to sculpt and refine facial contours by creating shadows with precision Brush #150.
    • Finally, apply the colors of your choice with Double-ended Sculpting Brush #158 to add a healthy glow to your skin or completely transform your look.

    To create a healthy glow, define the face using Highlight, Sculpt, & Blush shades with Artisan Brush 158:

    • Highlight – Apply the highlight starting on the apple of the cheek and directionally blend towards the temple.
    • Sculpt – Sculpt the cheekbones slightly making sure to blend it upwards.
    • Blush – Place the brush on the apples of the cheeks. Blend in soft circular motions with the brush.


    H = Highlight shades – S = Sculpt shades – B = Blush shades

    Note: You can mix & match shades however you want to express your inner artist!

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